Girls Varsity Water Polo · Parent Athlete Zoom Meeting

Girls Team athletes and parents:

Due to a technical issue, we did not record the girls team meeting.    We did record the Boys Team Meeting, and it covered much of the same information so please view that meeting.   It is 36 minutes long and the recording starts as Coach Libby Jackson is introducing herself.

PLEASE NOTE THESE DIFFERENCES AS YOU WATCH– things that are different for the girls team than the boys team, so keep these things in mind.

  1. I mention the season was delayed from Fall to Spring, obviously talking about the boys season
  2. IMPORTANT: The girls team fee is also $85, but you must make the check payable to TROY HIGH SCHOOL (not Athens).  Venmo payment is the same.
  3. Included in girls team fee is a swim cap
  4. Girls Game Suit is Different, cost $63 and link is on our 10 things to do to register page.  You have until Wednesday to order
  5. The REMIND code for the girls team is: @6d83f2
  6. Girls team practices are 4pm at Troy High Pool (after the first week)   All games will also be at Troy High.

Info on testing and other logistics is identical to the Boys Team info that is stated on the video recording.